Portable Home Use Baby Sounds Listener
Portable Home Use Baby Sounds Listener
Portable Home Use Baby Sounds Listener
Portable Home Use Baby Sounds Listener
Portable Home Use Baby Sounds Listener
Portable Home Use Baby Sounds Listener

Portable Home Use Baby Sounds Listener

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  • PERFECT FOR LISTENING TO BABY INSIDE THE TUMMY. Easily listen to baby’s condition with the use of an accurate measurement for baby’s cardiovascular health. The gadget exactly locates the fetus and produces loud and clear sounds.
  • USER-FRIENDLY PORTABLE DESIGN. Hassle-free handheld and pocket-sized echo device with user-friendly design features. Waterproof probe can be securely gripped for smoother navigation in the abdominal area.
  • DIFFERENT DISPLAY MODES. Choose between curve-mode and real time mode. The first displays baby’s cardiovascular signs and other parameters during real time. The second one shows the figure for baby’s cardiovascular performance.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT. Device has great energy efficiency. Enjoy a long time continuous use of 10 hours for every 2 AA batteries. Includes an automatic power off feature that helps save energy when not in use.
  • SAFE TO USE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN. The device has small radiation that does not harm the baby. Suitable for use after 12th week. ISO and CE certified for guaranteed product standard.


Listen to Your Baby With The Most Favorite Echo Device for Fetus

Benefits of Using a Household Echo Device

- Enjoy listening to your baby’s health anytime. Compared to periodically going to the clinics for checkups and services, have a listen to your fetus whenever and wherever you want to. 
- Feel safer and at ease. With an echo device within your reach, you can always check the status and condition of your child. 
- Share the joy of hearing your child with others. The loud speaker feature allows other people to listen to your baby inside the tummy as well.

One of the Best Baby Devices for the Fetus

Women always want to know more about their babies through different methods. The safest way to do so is to use a handheld echo device with the most accurate results. This provides correct numbers in terms of the baby’s cardiovascular conditions. It also has two options. First, you can plug your earphones or earpiece to the gadget. Another way is to use the loudspeaker mode for everyone nearby to hear.

When are the best times to use the echo device?

- Early morning within 30 minutes after waking up. 
- 60 minutes after taking your lunch. 
- 60 minutes within the period of going to bed at night.

All products are 100% guaranteed to be produced with no factory defects. You should receive a complete package with a fully functioning product. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer immediately for refunds.

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